Furnace Cleaning in Calgary: Get Annual Furnace Maintenance to Avoid Emergency Repair

So many of the panicked “We have no heat” calls we get in mid-winter could be prevented if homeowners would schedule annual maintenance and inspection of their furnaces; similarly, seasonal maintenance of your air conditioner or heat pump can help you keep your cool in the summer. Regardless of what kind of heating and cooling system you have, our thorough furnace cleaning in Calgary removes dust, debris and ash from your furnace and ductwork, for safer, more efficient heating and cooling – and, you’ll feel the difference not only in a more comfortable home, but lower utility bills and even in an extended life for your heating and cooling system.

Annual Furnace Maintenance: A Service That Pays for Itself in Energy Savings

Responsible homeowners know to change their HVAC system’s filters on a regular basis. But your furnace needs more than new filters to function at peak efficiency. Your Clean-All maintenance appointment includes thorough testing, inspection and cleaning of the:

  • Vent system and intake grills where debris can result in blockage
  • Burners (improper ignition and poor flame can result in incomplete combustion and the build-up of dangerous carbon monoxide)
  • Blower and blower wheel

Our complete inspection includes checking all the parts of your system, including the wiring, for damage, rust and corrosion which might compromise efficient operation or result in sudden failures when you need your furnace the most. Experts agree that annual furnace cleaning and maintenance not only saves you the cost of emergency breakdowns but pays off in a system that lasts longer and works more efficiently throughout the season. Call Clean-All today to schedule annual HVAC system cleaning!

Fast & Affordable 24/7 Furnace Repairs

When you call Clean-All for furnace repairs, our priority is to bring your furnace back to peak efficiency. Our technician will do an inspection and diagnosis, offer you an estimate and answer any questions you may have regarding the repair. If you agree to the estimate, our technician can usually complete the repair immediately with supplies from our fully-equipped truck. Should your particular system require an additional trip to our warehouse, no extra changes will be added to your bill for travel.

We are committed to exceptional customer service and for that reason, Clean-All strives to give you the most affordable furnace repairs in Calgary. Rest assured, our expert technician will not try to sell you parts, services or replacement units that you don’t need. Our goal is to save you money by restoring your comfort system to optimum efficiency.

Schedule Furnace Cleaning before Calgary’s Winter Sets In

The best time to schedule annual furnace cleaning for your Calgary system is in the summer or autumn. Call early to get an appointment before the rush! Let Clean-All help you get the most efficient and trouble-free heating and cooling from your system, year in and year out!

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